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13 confessions about writing

As I may have said before, I’m editing a fantasy novel that I wrote in NaNoWriMo 2011. I wish to publish it some day. Anyhow, today I didn’t get any editing done; I just walked around the house thinking about everything. Then I came up with this idea to make “writing confessions”: what I really do when I write, what I wish, what I fear. I hope this will help me to go on with my story, even if it sometimes seems impossible.

So here we go!

1) Usually, I have a cup of coffee on my left and a glass of water on my right when writing. Sometimes I have chocolate or snacks, too.

2) I can’t write my novel if anyone else is home or if it’s dark outside. However, I can write fanfics in those circumstances. I guess it’s because I value my novel a lot more than fics, so I need silence and natural light when writing it. Yes, I know it’s weird.

3) I dream about being a famous writer and having fans who write fanfics of my work.

4) Sometimes I get great ideas at night before falling asleep. Then I have to get up and write them down before going back to sleep.

5) I’m afraid of that my novel will be published and no one will like it, not even my friends.

6) I fear that my friends and family will read the book and then tell me: “You’re exactly like this main character. Did you just put yourself in the story?” That’s what I’ve been trying to avoid so hard. My main character(s) definitely have some of my characteristics but I’m not just cloning myself into the story.

7) I’m afraid of that someone will discover a huge plot hole or unexplained issue I haven’t realized.

8) Sometimes I imagine what my story would be like if it was made into a movie.

9) I fear that I’ll be accused of plagiarism for some reason. I know it’s stupid, since my work won’t probably get that much attention.

10) Sometimes I feel like I will never get it finished.

11) I fear that secretly, all of my friends laugh at my optimism when it comes to becoming a novelist. Few Finns can support themselves by writing books.

12) I have a playlist called “Writing music”, but usually the music begins to annoy me at some point and I shut it off.

13) I fear that someone close to me will read my work, and their first thing to say about it is: “I spotted a typo / weird thing over there…” I really wish there will be something more remarkable to say about it.

5 03.20.12